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Champaign/Urbana Responds to Nike Flood

With immediate response, SERVPRO was able to mitigate and help restore the Nike Shoe Store to working condition.

Fairway Apartments Stairway Remodel

Due to extensive fire/soot damage, a full remodel was completed in the entire apartment complex

Furniture restoration in Champaign, IL

The damage to this dresser was caused as a result of a wet ceiling, insulation and drywall falling onto the dresser as a fire was being extinguished by water. O... READ MORE

Water Damage in Champaign, Il

This flooded kitchen in Champaign, IL was the result of a broken pipe. Notice the extent of the water damage, yet SERVPRO did not have to replace all of the dry... READ MORE

Water Damage in Champaign, Il

This bedroom in Champaign, IL had to have the carpet, padding, insulation, and two feet of wall removed due to water damage. If the material is overly saturated... READ MORE

Flooded home in Urbana, Il

The clean dry heat from the Dragon, which is kind of like a portable furnace, helps reduce drying times while maintaining stable and comfortable temperatures in... READ MORE

Water damage restoration

This home in Champaign, IL experienced water damage. It effected the flooring and walls of the room and entry way shown. SERVPRO was able to test the moisture l... READ MORE