Recent Fire Damage Before & After Photos

Brick Wall Soot Restoration

A recent church fire caused this wall to be covered in Soot. After using a dry sponge to remove the soot, a fire clean solution along with industrial cleaner on... READ MORE

Bathroom tub soot cleanup

After a microwave fire in a dorm/apartment building on the University of Illinois' campus, soot was left through the building and bed/bathrooms. SERVPRO of Cham... READ MORE

Fire Loss Requires Re-Roofing from our Construction Team

When you have a loss, you know you can count on us to get your home restored. No matter what type of loss, big or small, let SERVPRO get you back to your normal... READ MORE

Pole Barn Takes on Fire

The fire damage to this pole barn was contained to just a corner of this football field sized structure. The cause was a gas leak from a lawn mower. The pole ba... READ MORE

Attic Fire Threatens Church

Smoke and soot with 100 years of history covered the corner of University and State streets in downtown Champaign. Fortunately the Champaign and Urbana firemen ... READ MORE

Fairway Apartments Stairway Remodel

The extent of a fire's damage can sometimes be daunting. This can put business out of commission, and sometimes people out of their own homes. SERVPRO understan... READ MORE