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When it comes to water, the longer it sits, the worse it gets.

8/2/2021 (Permalink)

Did you know that often times, even fire damaged buildings have water damage present?

This is because many times fires are put out with water, but the water damage is often times overshadowed by the fire. Because of this, the majority of SERVPRO of Champaign/Urbana jobs involve water in some form or fashion. With water being one of our specialties, we can tell you firsthand how important it is for you to prevent this damage from happening to your home or business!


One of the easiest things to do to prevent damage from happening is by regularly looking for leaks, drips and cracks in your water pipes. The next step is to educate yourself and others around you about the dangers of water damage and what to do if it does happen. Do this by learning how to properly cut off water supply throughout the home or building.


Water pipe damage per minute:

A ½ inch pipe can spill up to 50 gallons a minute

A 1-inch pipe can spill up to 210 gallons a minute

A 2-inch pipe can spill up to 850 gallons a minute

A broken pipe can cause more damage than many of us realize. Above are estimates of how much water can pour out of a pipe at any given time. It is important to prevent, then minimize any damage that happens.

The Risks of Flooding in a Champaign/Urbana Restaurant

7/29/2021 (Permalink)

Image of high flood waters Flood waters like these can quickly cause damage to your Champaign/Urbana restaurant

Running a restaurant in Champaign/Urbana can come with a list of challenges to maintain your competitiveness with the other eateries in the region. When you factor in situations like disasters, these incidents can derail a business, especially in instances of flooding that do not get addressed quickly. Business owners can benefit from immediately reaching out to the professionals of our restoration team to get mitigation and clean up started quickly.

Restaurants thrive on offering their customers a positive experience from the moment they walk into their walk back out, so flood damage in Champaign/Urbana can substantially hinder this goal. Even in situations where flooding can remain contained to specific areas of your restaurant where it does not entirely hinder production, such as a leaking portion of the roof, addressing the water damage in these areas must happen immediately to avoid costly and destructive effects like mold growth. Our SERVPRO professionals can help.

As you are aware in the food and beverage industry, mold and contaminants are reputation killers and can keep you from serving your customers until you can prove through testing that the situation has gotten sufficiently resolved. Preventing these occurrences beforehand with the application of our high-strength antimicrobial agents to exposed materials, contents, and structural elements can make these wet areas uninhabitable to mold spores in the environment.

Content removal such as the furniture in your dining area and the sophisticated equipment in your kitchen helps to prevent these items from becoming too damaged to preserve. Once the restaurant is dried and cleaned appropriately, we can return these removed items to their original positions. We also utilize specialized equipment and practices to get mitigation started from the time that our response team arrives. With fast water removal and drying solutions for your business, we can get you back up and running quickly after a flooding emergency.

Your restaurant has a reputation to worry about, and too much bad publicity or experiences for your guests can ruin your business model. Let our SERVPRO of Champaign/Urbana response team help you through flooding emergencies to handle the situation quickly and thoroughly to get you back to business as usual. Give us a call today at 217-355-0077.

Commercial Fire Damage Restoration in Champaign/Urbana

7/16/2021 (Permalink)

After a fire, the interior and sometimes even the exterior smells of burnt materials and smoke odors. These odors can linger for months unless the smoke odor is removed after a fire.

Fire damage restoration in Champaign/Urbana of a commercial structure is a primary focus of all SERVPRO teams, including the building's deodorization and contents. Every fire is different based on the fire's temperature level and the actual materials consumed. We train our fire team specialists to recognize these sources and the techniques required to remove smoke odors after a fire.

Our process includes:

Removal of the source of the odor, including all fire-damaged materials

We clean all surfaces with odor-causing residues with appropriate cleaners such as soap or solvents

We distribute deodorizers following the path of the smoke residue in the building, including other rooms and HVAC systems

Sealing surfaces such as walls by repainting to lock in the odor-causing molecules

Contact SERVPRO of Champaign/Urbana for fire damage restoration services in Champaign/Urbana and surrounding areas. We can help 24/7. Call 217-355-0077.

Get your Commercial Ducts Professionally Cleaned by SERVPRO of Champaign/Urbana

7/1/2021 (Permalink)

Image of duct system Dust can build up in your ducts and cause various issues

Air quality at home and at your place of work has become increasingly important in the last few years. One of the biggest and easiest actions you can take to increase the air quality inside is to get the ductwork cleaned. SERVPRO of Champaign/Urbana has been cleaning residential and commercial ductwork in Champaign/Urbana for over 20 years now. We have the experience, equipment, and expertise to clean your ductwork to the highest standard of clean. 

Why should you get your ducts cleaned?

  • Improve air quality: having a lot of dust and particulates in the air reduces the air quality in your building and can cause health issues for employees or customers with sinus or respiratory issues.
  • Increase the efficiency of your HVAC Units: dirty or clogged ductwork puts an increased strain on your HVAC system causing it to work harder and use more energy in order to heat and cool your building. Dust build up can even destroy a HVAC system and become very expensive if you need to replace the system.
  • Reduce Odors: Mold has a musty smell and can sometimes be found on ductwork. Even decomposing dust can have a strong and unpleasant odor.
  • Reduce the duct build up around your building: Dirty ductwork blows dust around causing dust to build up on surfaces quicker and making more frequent cleaning necessary. 

Why SERVPRO of Champaign/Urbana should be your duct cleaning choice.

  • Experience: We have worked on commercial duct work in single buildings, strip malls, high rises and manufacturing.
  • We use equipment with HEPA filters to put your duct work under negative pressure when we clean it. The negative pressure is what is recommended by NADCA for duct cleaning and the HEPA equipment ensures an even greater level of filtration for particulates, even mold!
  • No matter how big your project is we can handle it. Even if we need to call in additional people or equipment. We can get the job done.

How do you know if you need a duct cleaning?

  • Musty odors or unpleasant smells with seemingly no source.
  • Large dust build up on supply or return vents.
  • After reconstruction or remodeling there are often elevated levels of harsh dust.
  • If you see an excessive amount of dust building up between cleanings that means there is a lot of dust circulating and a lot of dust and particulates that we can take out of the duct work.
  • NADCA recommends that duct work be cleaned every 3-5 years. 

We can come inspect your building and give you an estimate for what it would take to clean your system today – 217-355-0077

Hardwood Floor Repair? SERVPRO of Champaign/Urbana can do that

7/1/2021 (Permalink)

Hardwood floors look stunning when running throughout commercial businesses, but they come at a price. Therefore, it’s in your best interest to keep your business’ hardwood floors in good condition for as long as you can. Water, fire, storm, and other kinds of damage can all negatively affect the quality of your business’ hardwood floors. However, sometimes, there’s no way to predict a flood, fire, or storm that will threaten the integrity of your hardwood floors. Luckily, SERVPRO of Champaign/Urbana is standing by, always ready to help.

How Are Hardwood Floors Damaged?

Damage to hardwood floors is usually instigated by intense heat or excessive moisture. Your business’ hardwood floors can be exposed to these elements in fire, water, or storm damage. If the damage is significant, they may require replacement.

Heat Damage

When exposed to intense heat, hardwood floorboards tend to shrink, which can cause gaps to form in the floor. On the other hand, if your floors have sustained solely soot or smoke damage, they can often be salvaged and restored. In order to prevent hardwood floor damage due to heat, be sure to prevent the temperature from climbing too high inside of your commercial business.

Moisture Damage

While intense heat causes hardwood floors to shrink, excess moisture causes floorboards to expand, as they absorb the water. In their expanded state, hardwood floorboards can buckle, become concave or convex (also known as cupping and crowning), and even come loose. Another danger when hardwood floors are exposed to moisture is mold growth. The moisture residue stemming from water damage or high humidity levels inside of your commercial business can both produce ideal breeding grounds for mold. Moisture damage and mold growth can both be prevented in your commercial business by maintaining low humidity levels indoors. Should you discover mold growing on your hardwood floors, be sure to give us a call and take advantage of our Commercial Mold Remediation services.

Let Us Be Your “One-Stop-Shop”

While we’re known here at SERVPRO for our commercial mitigation and restoration services, it is important to note that we also offer an extensive list of building services, such as hardwood floor repair. We take pride in being our customers’ “one-stop-shop”, as they can trust us to take care of the entire job from start to finish, instead of complicating the process by going through multiple companies. We understand that damage of any kind to your commercial business, whether it be water, fire, storm, or mold, disrupts business and interrupts schedules. Trust SERVPRO to make it “Like it never even happened,” after any emergency by letting us handle both the mitigation and rebuild processes. Call SERVPRO of Champaign/Urbana today at 217-355-0077 or check out all of our building services to learn about the many ways in which we can help restore your business after an emergency.

Taking An Interest in Safety

6/28/2021 (Permalink)

Inside of the decontamination trailer Inside of the decontamination trailer

SERVPRO® of Champaign/Urbana would like to thank Corteva Agriscience and Lt. Brian Ball for including us in their emergency decontamination response training at the St. Joseph Production Facility. We were able to sit in during the unveiling of a new emergency decontamination trailer.

This trailer can be brought to worksites and is a useful tool in the event of a contamination. With onboard showers, the trailer allows affected workers to quickly begin the process of decontamination, right in the fields. The Corteva Agriscience team explained the proper procedure for decontamination and showed all of the equipment involved in the process.

 Lt. Brian Ball, the Regional Hazardous Materials Team Leader, explained how firefighting crews use this same equipment when they are dealing with hazardous materials. After hearing about all of the situations where a tool like this is necessary, it makes perfect sense why Corteva would want to own one and to have their staff trained on using it. Thank you again to Corteva and Lt. Ball for involving SERVPRO® of Champaign/Urbana. We are excited for the new decontamination trailer and we hope you never have to use it.

Why choose SERVPRO of Champaign/Urbana?

6/15/2021 (Permalink)

Fast Response

 We take pride in our fast response time. When our customers need us the most we respond quickly in order to mitigate further damages on their property. Our team is trusted by insurance carriers, property owners, and property management companies as we have a proven track record working with them bringing covered residential and/or commercial properties back to preloss conditions after experiencing a property disaster. 

Trained Technicians

The insurance process can get a bit confusing for those who have not experienced a property loss. During this process, proper documentation is vital to the overall outcome of your claim. Working with an IICRC certified technician will ultimately provide the best claims experience. We understand the standard when it comes to restoring your property. We stand by our customers to ensure they get access to all of the services their policy covers. With proper documentation and standard compliance, we can bring your property back to preloss condition without issue.

National Resources

What makes SERVPRO of Champaign/Urbana so great? Well, that's an easy answer. Our access to resources. Did you know SERVPRO has more drying equipment in its network than any other restoration company on the planet? With almost 2000 franchises across the nation, we have access to more tools and equipment for any size project. Imagine someone calling our office to perform a one million square feet water extraction.

How Worried Should I Be about Dryer Fires?

3/1/2021 (Permalink)

Every year, firefighters respond to nearly 14,000 home fires caused by clothes dryers. Dryer fires are responsible annually for 7 non firefighter deaths, 344 injuries as well as $233 million in property damage.  27% of home dryer fires are caused by an accumulation of lint, which is why cleaning your dryer lint trap regularly is crucial. 

To prevent fires, clean the dryer’s lint screen after every load. But don’t stop there. Lint can accumulate in your dryer’s vent coming off the back of the dryer. Having the line that goes out the back of the house should also be cleaned on a regular basis. If your dryer is taking longer to dry clothes, it’s an indicator you may a have a clogged line. Certain dryers have indicators that detect a clogged line but they may not pick up on partial blockages. 

Never let your dryer run while you are away from home or going to bed. 

To clean your dryer’s vent and duct follow these steps. 

  • Unplug the dryer and turn off the gas if applicable. 
  • Slide the dryer away from the wall. 
  • Don’t over stretch the gas line.
  • Disconnect the vent from the dryer.
  • Vacuum out the line and the backside of the dryer. 
  • In the winter check for drifting snow that may block your outdoor vent. 
  • Reconnect everything and slide dryer back.

Following these few safety rules will keep you and your family safe for years. 

Why SERVPRO you say?

3/1/2021 (Permalink)

If you have ever had a disaster in your home whether it was flooding and water damage, fire or smoke damage, discovering mold in a hidden corner, or you have a bat infestation in your attic you might wonder who among all the restoration and clean up companies to call. SERVPRO has 30 years of experience, highly trained certified technicians, 24-hour emergency service, locally owned and operated, and a trusted leader in the restoration industry.  If you don’t believe SERVPRO is the best, check out these testimonials left by some of our customers! 

“I had a kitchen fire which pretty much resulted in an entire home remodel from studs up.. They were very professional and patient through the entire process. I say this was key because there were lots of disputes with the Insurance company as to what they were going to pay and not pay. These disputes dragged on and the serve pro team was a true advocate for me and made sure at the end I was taken care of and happy with the results!! They took care of all the contractors and all I had to do was pick colors, cabinets, fixtures, etc... “

 “I cannot Thank SERVPRO enough for helping my aunt through a terrible experience.  Over the cold winter her pipes burst and the family owned farm that has been around for generations flooded.  I live over two hours away, and having a company answer my call really early on a weekend and assure me everything would be ok was amazing.  They sent a crew out right away and to my surprise they were able to save family heirlooms that have been around for over a century.  They were so kind to my aunt and kept her informed about the steps they were taking.  This company saved my aunts home and preserved the priceless belongings.  I hope you don't experience a disaster, but if you do, SERVPRO will definitely make things better.  Like the commercials say, "Like it never even happened."

As you can read, SERVPRO of Champaign/Urbana is here to help!  Call one of our friendly staff today at 217-355-0077 today.  MM

SERVPRO Can Help Your Business

2/22/2021 (Permalink)

Commercial SERVPRO of Champaign / Urbana is trained to adhere to the highest cleaning and sanitization standards.

SERVPRO of Champaign / Urbana is the leading professional in restoration and cleaning. Provides a multitude of different services for any commercial business. We are equipped to handle any job small or disaster. Here are just some of the services we will gladly provide in your time of need.


  • Fire, smoke and soot
  • Water removal and dehumidification
  • Catastrophic storm response
  • Move outs and contents restoration
  • Contents claim inventory services


  • Air ducts and HVAC
  • Carpet, upholstery, drapes, and blinds
  • Ceilings, walls and hard floors
  • Odor identification
  • Deodorization

Whether you need your carpets cleaned or need help with water damage from a terrible pipe burst, SERVPRO will help your business. SERVPRO of Champaign / Urbana can be at your place of business to give a pre-estimate for the work needed. If you have any questions, please give us a call at (217) 355-0077.