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Taking An Interest in Safety

6/28/2021 (Permalink)

Inside of the decontamination trailer Inside of the decontamination trailer

SERVPRO® of Champaign/Urbana would like to thank Corteva Agriscience and Lt. Brian Ball for including us in their emergency decontamination response training at the St. Joseph Production Facility. We were able to sit in during the unveiling of a new emergency decontamination trailer.

This trailer can be brought to worksites and is a useful tool in the event of a contamination. With onboard showers, the trailer allows affected workers to quickly begin the process of decontamination, right in the fields. The Corteva Agriscience team explained the proper procedure for decontamination and showed all of the equipment involved in the process.

 Lt. Brian Ball, the Regional Hazardous Materials Team Leader, explained how firefighting crews use this same equipment when they are dealing with hazardous materials. After hearing about all of the situations where a tool like this is necessary, it makes perfect sense why Corteva would want to own one and to have their staff trained on using it. Thank you again to Corteva and Lt. Ball for involving SERVPRO® of Champaign/Urbana. We are excited for the new decontamination trailer and we hope you never have to use it.