Cleaning Photo Gallery

Restored Kitchen Cabinet

Here you can see the amazing work SERVPRO of Champaign/Urbana's production team did as they took a disastrous and rotten kitchen cabinet and turned it into a gorgeous and fresh cabinet your grandmother would be proud of. 

Check out the Before and After photos of this job site! 

Tar Footprint Carpet Stain

A customer walking into a carpeted Community Building with tar and road asphalt on their boots caused heavy soiled footprints in the front office. After a production tech scrubbed the spots with a solution they began to lighten but the footprints were still present. The crew lead then tried our product "Miracle Worker", after letting it set on the prints for a few minutes he then used hot steam to lift the stain. The spots were no longer on the carpet. The Office Manager of the Community Building was very pleased, and in disbelief that SERVPRO could remove the footprint stains.